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Blue Collar Bobbers Review

Blue Collar Bobbers Review

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We build economical, high quality kits that just about anyone can install. Our kits help you change the rear fender front fender on some bikesseat, license, lights, handlebars optional. For that extra WOW factor you can add exhaust wrap and powder coat your stock rims. Every part is designed for the specific motorcycle. An easy to follow DVD will show you how to install every piece. Our Fjyt are complete right down to the nuts and bolts.

Check out our gallery and customer bikes. You will see an interesting assortment of bikes; some have done custom paint and some have just painted the rear fender to match their stock tanks.

We jump on our lean, mean kick-ass machines and ride off into the sunset with our comrades! Change your Life. Quality is off, parts are missing, packaging is poor, customer Ashlyn Gere Dp is difficult.

You folks at BCB are a definite exception, floating above a sea of mediocrity. Your Suzuki TUX café kit arrived superbly packaged. Each section in heavy gauge stabled vinyl, all parts present and accounted for and each section clearly marked for its intended purpose. The metal Blue Collar Bobbers Review Redtube Teen the inner fender, seat and tail assembly support are all very nice, heavy gauge steel, attractively powder-coated to a durable luster.

The lighting assemblies are attractive and the Väderprognos Fuerteventura Corralejo of spare bulbs and lenses was a nice thought. The online videos are a lot of fun, easy to follow and enjoyably narrated. Who IS that narrator? I really appreciated the clear help with the electrics and, surprise, they all worked perfectly once assembled and connected. The seat really is comfy and attractive.

Great product all around. Dear Blue Collar Bobbers. I just wanted to send you an email on how pleased I was with the company. I am very impressed with the whole experience. To start off the website is very user friendly. It was very easy to navigate for each make and model. The second thing was my order was processed very quickly. Thirdly when I received the order it was very well boxed and packaged.

Fourth when I was taking my parts out of the bags it was very simple to understand what to use and do. The instructions on paper and the videos online were very easy to follow. I also wanted to thank you guys for going above and beyond on the order.

My leather seat came with waterproof cream. I was also very pleased because everything I needed on the project was in the box. I also love the hat that was sent! In the end I wanted to send you email and thank you guys! From owning a business I know that people are quick to send you emails and review when the order was bad but do not take the time to compliment someone when they do a outstanding job.

Thank you guys again I will definitely be ordering from you guys again with all my bobber needs! Their quality of their products are amazing. Their instuctional videos make it super easy to install.

And if you ever have any questions or need some help with their kits their customer service is outstanding! I just finished up my bike and it turned out amazing! Thank you so much BCB!! Great bunch of folks over there at BCB. They accidentally sent me a wrong part Blue Collar Bobbers Review my kit, and they immediately called me back, and have made it right, and then some. They have gone way over the top to make me satisfied.!! I recently purchased a honda rebel purely to create a great looking bobber for my short commute to work.

So far I have only ordered and installed the drag bars and exhaust kit. Instructions were spot on and the products and ease of installation was Blue Collar Bobbers Review point! I will be purchasing the rest of the parts offered for this bike this upcoming winter! Being from Ohio and quite far from Blue collar bobbers in Utah, I wanted to call and speak to the people behind the scenes of this great business.

Very friendly and extremely helpful. Felt like dealing with family. Top notch!! Best customer service in town. They also support veterans by giving them a discount. Placed an order and then wanted to add something to only to find out it was already shipped less then 1 day btw so I called them and they gave me the same veterans discount and free shipping.

What great service! I have never worked on anything with an engine Blue Collar Bobbers Review any kindI purchased your Kissie Nude kit and what a difference…. The tutorial video was absolutely simple to follow, and I had a blast getting my hands dirty and pretending I knew what I was doing……I could have never made this happen without your video provided with the kit and now I have people asking me questions about my cycle all the time….

Blue Collar Bobbers, you truly provide a service that no else does. Thank you!!! My wife and I take turns driving Blue Collar Bobbers Review. Recently we had a minor problem with the rear turn signal bulbs. Within a couple Blue Collar Bobbers Review days I had the replacement parts and the problem was fixed. Lance went way beyond what I had expected, with his speedy service and quick shipping of the parts I needed.

Thanks BCB its been a pleasure doing business with you. Call or Text Preferably to or bluecollarbobbers gmail. Explore Honda Kits. Explore Kawasaki Kits. Explore Suzuki Kits. Explore Yamaha Kits. Change your Ride. Check Out Our Kits. Angry Koala Sound BCB, I seldom write reviews.

Hi Folks at Blue Collar Bobbers; I just wanted you to know how much of a pleasure it was dealing with folks. I had a lot of fun building this bobber did a few modifications along with your, awesome parts you provide. Mathew F. Patrick G. James W. Ben S. Thank you Blue Collar Bobbers! Mario S. Ryan H. Not only were they expertly made, but the Blue Collar Bobbers Review service was fantastic! In addition to this, I am a fully dedicated promoter of Blue Collar Bobbers.

I tell everyone with pride where I purchased my gear. How well satisfied I am with the products. Ultimately, I am thankful for having found you all. To Lance and everyone at Blue Collar Bobbers. Thank you all for helping me to transform my bike into something special. After admiring several of the kits you offer, Blue Collar Bobbers Review committed to taking on a project myself. Not too confident in my abilities, I decided my first attempt will be one that requires the least modification.

Thus my selection of your latest kit, the VTX C, which already comes stock with a drag bar and a minimal front fender, neither of which have to be replaced Postimage Org Images achieve the bobber look.

So I searched for a black bike because you offer your rear fender in gloss black that already had aftermarket pipes suitable for a bobber. Lo and behold, there are lots of them out there. Pretty cheap too. I bought one in such nice shape Ikuto And Amu Moments the thought of keeping it as-is crossed my mind. Sexy Horny Teacher inspired again by the pictures on your website I ordered my kits to elevate my newest ride.

I got started the evening my kit arrived doing the fender prep.

Blue Collar Bobbers Review

Blue Collar Bobbers Review

Blue Collar Bobbers Review

We build economical, high quality kits that just about anyone can install. Our kits help you change the rear fender front fender on some bikes , seat, license, lights, handlebars optional.

Blue Collar Bobbers Review

Blue Collar Bobbers, Sandy, Utah. 14, likes · 9 talking about this · 8 were here. What is a Blue Collar Bobber? It's simply a fast, easy and fun way to totally change your bike into an old 5/5().

Blue Collar Bobbers Review

Blue Collar Bobbers Review

Blue Collar Bobbers, Sandy, Utah. 14, likes · 11 talking about this · 8 were here. What is a Blue Collar Bobber? It's simply a fast, easy and fun way to totally change your bike into an old.